Ed Hardy Style

July 14, 2009

Ed Hardy

Ed Hardy is an American tattoo artist born and raised in Southern California in 1945.

A pupil of Sailor Jerry, Hardy is recognized for incorporating Japanese tattoo aesthetic and technique into his work.

Don Ed Hardy is a painter, print maker and tattoo artist and recently he has turned his talented designs to apparel, including shoes t-shirts and accessories.

Although some people might say that Ed Hardy is overrated, the tattoo-like drawings are truly eye catching.

Here are some interesting styles, the price of the Ed Hardy sneakers goes from $54.00 up to $103.99

Check out the list at the bottom if you are interested in getting a pair

ed hardy 1

Ed Hardy HighRise Glitter

ed hardy 2

Ed Hardy Glitter LowerRise Shoes

ed hardy 4

Ed Hardy HighRise

ed hardy 5Ed Hardy Satin

ed hardy 6

ed hardy 7

Ed Hardy HighRise Leather Shoes

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Autumn/Winter 09 Fashion Trends

January 9, 2009

First of all I would like to apologize for not writing any post for a looong time… 🙂 sorry guys, I just went on a trip and I didn’t have any time to write 😦
So here’s the trends post, which I recognize I should have done it a while ago…but no worries now that am back I’ll be posting at least once a week.

Autumn/Winter 2009



Shoe designers have humbly accepted the challenge of creating fashion provoking shoes and have proven their artistic creativity better than you would have ever wanted in this recession-hit period.

If you are committed to fashion, it’s going to be really hard for you to resist the temptation of maxing out your credit card this winter, with the wide variety of must have shoes and high heels…but don’t panic spending a lot of money its not necessarily a synonym of good taste and being fashionable (look at Paris Hilton for instance)

While there are a lot of exciting flat ankle boots and cute sandals for those who prefer to play it safe and comfortable on flats, there are a lot more tempting high heel shoe options for those who don’t give a damn about aching calves and sore toes, but rather want to be in the fashion limelight.

The dagger like stiletto with killer high heels of four inches and above will be there to add a touch of sexiness to winter skirts and dresses.

Though you may also notice a bit of innovation to stilettos this season as shoe designers have increased the height of the heel and added a platform to the shoe, which obviously means more work to us girls and more balance!

Another trend of winter 2009 is thick high heel covered in the same fabric as the shoe itself – so make sure you keep a look out for those and add a pair to your collection, wedge heels are expected to evolve in style and design this season too

If  you love high heels the way I do but there are just not for you, then don’t worry at all, as ballet flats are predicted to maintain there popularity and will be found in a variety of cute colors and fabrics. Look out for vintage looking satin ballet flats and be as hot as an A-list celeb.

Top Shoe Fashion Trends

Expect to see an influx of knee length and thigh boots on the high streets this winter. Their fetish tag has already been neutralized with endorsements from  couture houses like Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik, Gianmarco Lorenzi. Besides thigh boots are the only ones that promise to keep you snugly warm.

If thigh boots are still little to adventurous for you then you can safely and stylishly step your feet in a pair of sexy ankle boots. Call them shoe boots, shooties or booties – ankle boots are amazingly versatile as they can go with a variety of winter outfits. The all new range of ankle boots this winter come embellished with high heels, faux fur,bold buckles, rope chains and even laces and ribbons to meet your every fashion demand. But one thing is true, not everyone can work these kind of boots, so if you happen to try a pair of boots in which you don’t feel comfortable or it’s not your style, please don’t buy them! I am a strong supporter of being comfortable and secure before being edgy and trendy.

A popular material winter shoes are boasting this season is super glossy patent leather, in eternal black (my favorite) and sexy red. Add a little drama to your ensemble by putting on velvet shoes in bold winter colors like purple, yellow, green, orange, golden or silver depending on your dress, occasion and attitude.

Add a touch of the wild side too, as animal print shoes are a hot fashion trend in ladies shoes this winter! Animal print shoes such as faux leopard prints will be seen dressing up dramatic wide leg pants and skirts or adding a bit of funk to plain outfits.

The trend has made its way onto every style of footwear imaginable so everyone can take part in the fun and give their dressing a bold and stylish animal flavor that’s sure to draw some attention.

And finally my favorite part, the shoe pics….







Shopping Shoes Online . . .

October 17, 2008

Online Shoe Stores

Buying Online

It’s difficult to believe that in a world where most people actually like to try their shoes on before buying them, online shoe stores have become so popular.
The reasons why ‘s more than obvious, the wide variety (sizes, colors, styles), the price,
the opportunity to save yourself a trip to a “real” store and to make your purchase from
the comfort of your house.

However, sometimes it’s difficult to find a good online shoe store that offers a decent service and reasonable prices, that is why in this post we’ll list and analyze online shoes stores.

Why People buy Online?

Why are people buying shoes online? It’s easy, variety, price and convenience.

Some online stores offer the largest selection of shoes anywhere with 250 top brands of the most styles per brand, the broadest range of materials, colors, sizes, and widths, and with the most up to date fashions. Find shoes in sizes ranging from a women’s size 2 to a size 17 or a men’s size 1 to a size 20, with width’s running from extra narrow to extra wide.

In addition, you can find online discounts that provide savings of up to 65% off plus free shipping with live customer service and free returns. But if you still you don’t feel so sure about online shoes stores on some websites you can see what other customers think by checking out customer’s reviews and ratings on the thousands of shoes and accessories.

There are great savings every day online and with these great savings, you won’t be hit with any additional sales charges or fees with free shipping and free return shipping anywhere in the United States and you will receive your order within three to ten business days. Some sites offer first time customers an additional 10% off their purchase and the opportunity to save more on future purchases. Whether you’re a first time buyer or not you can review other customer’s ratings from the thousands of products across the website. Find out if a shoe runs a little wide or narrow from others who have bought the same item.

The choice is simple, with the advantages of purchasing without any sales tax, and enjoying great sales and discounts from your own home, secure purchasing, live customer service, and free shipping, you can see why everyone is shopping online.

Online Shoe Stores

1) Bakershoes.com

Sorry guys, this store its only for us women 🙂
I came across this store a week ago, and I really like it…
Bakers Shoes carries a lot of hot brand names, sort of stylish shoe variety, it also offers some really nice handbags.
The prices are reasonable, no free shipping ($6.95 standard shipping plus $2 for any additional item), the customer service is not a real help there’s only a toll free number for returns, so you have to assist yourself in this page, no live chat, however this it is an attractive site to visit.

Bakers Shoes Site

2)  BuyAndWalk.com
This site it’s still a toddler giving the first steps compared with some of the giants online shoe stores.
I think they’ve been around for over a year now, and they have made some changes like changing the page
resolution from 800×600 to 1280×124, and adding some features to  accomplish an easier shopping experience.

I’m a regular customer from this site since I buy most of my Converse shoes from here (trust me I do buy a looooot of shoes), since they have a lot of Converse styles to pick from and I get special discount for being a regular.
This site offers free shipping, free shipping return and no sales tax, you can order online or by phone.
The customer service is really good, the people there are sincerely willing to help both by phone or by live chat.
The site is quite easy to use as well as the return and exchange process, great prices, not a huge selection of brands but if what your looking for are sneakers both for women, children and men I strongly recommend you this site.

BuyAndWalk.com Site

3) DSW.com

This site has been around since Spring 2008 when it was it launched, I actually haven’t had the opportunity to buy shoes but I’ll try it as soon as I can.
The site its OK, not really sure about the black background thought, I know that it’s to add a sophisticated touch but it makes me feel unease while I navigate the site.
A large variety of brands and styles are available for women and men, prices are OK, no free shipping ( $7.95 standard shipping 7-10 business days), no free shipping return ( the shipping return fee will be deducted from your refund), returns and exchanges may take up to 14 days.
Overall it’s a good site but despite the variety of shoes there are better sites that offer free shipping & free shipping return, not one of my favorites but it has some very nice shoes.

DSW Site

4) Ebay.com

I’m sure everyone have at least visited ebay.com at least once, but I have to admit that having so much brands and styles sometimes makes it to difficult to find what you want, that is why I prefer small online shoe stores.
The site is really nice and cozy, its easy to navigate, it provides Live chat but its quite slow (I had to wait like 5 minutes for a customer service representative), free shipping depends on the seller since ebay its not involved with the shipping and returns.
Overall its a recommendable site.

Ebay Site

5)  Endless.com

In case you’ve been living under ground Endless.com belongs to Amazon.com, so its different to visit a site
knowing that was created by a giant as Amazon.com.  Hands down to Endless.com, it offers free overnight shipping, free return, 365 day return and 100% price guaranteed.
Wide selection of brands and styles, from dress shoes to athletic shoes, products available for women, men and kids.
Prices are reasonable, depending on the kind of shoe your interested in. It’s an attractive site, and has a lot of features that are quite helpful, such as search by color, price, size and more.
If am not mistaken Endless.com has been around since 2006 but despite its short years of existence it has the backup of one of my favorite sites.
In the end this site its highly recommendable.
Endless Site

6) OnlineShoes.com
Here’s another online store that has a lot of brands and styles to choose from, available for women, kids and men.
Its a friendly and easy to navigate site, with the toll free number right above in case you need help (not like some other that practically hide the phone number!), it offers free shipping, free 90 days return.
Prices are…OK, but some shoes cost for example 20 dollars more than other sites.
Overall its an interesting site to visit.

Online Shoe Site

7) ShoeBuy.com

Shoebuy.com offers free shipping, free shipping return no sales taxes and 100% price guaranteed.
There is a wide selection of brands (over 650) and styles, for women men and kids.
The site is quite easy to use, unlike other sites they manage to distribute the 650 brands to make the navigation easier; toll free number.
Overall, its a good site but sometimes I find the prices a little bit to expensive.

ShoeBuy.com Site

* Well that’s all for this week, maybe I’ll write about some other online shoe stores next week. 🙂
I hope you’ve enjoyed this post as much as I did, and please feel free to comment telling us about a good or bad shopping experience or you also can send us an email to shoesobessions@live.com or suscribe to our RSS FEED the get the latest news about our site.

Check our other resources

New Balance Technologies

October 14, 2008

New Balance Technologies

New Balance Suspension System
TEC System

Achieving your best performance depends on shoes that fit – that conform to the unique architecture of your foot and offer the support, motion control and shock absorption you need to excel.

The New Balance TEC System offers a range of widths, sizes, configurations and technologies that add up to the perfect shoe for your individual needs.


Acteva ™ Lite

Lighter foam means no tiring out on running so quickly.
Extremely durable and 24% lighter than standard, this midsole foam really keeps you going.

Acteva ™ Ultra Lite

Ultra Lite means 32% lighter than standard midsole foam, which means lighter feet and longer runs.


NB Zip ™

A responsive cushioning technology supported with shock-absorbing struts and designed to get a better performance.


Acteva ™

12% lighter than standard midsole foam with Dupont Engage for durability, it helps both runner and shoe last a little longer.

Click to watch Video

NB’s top of the line foam material with excellent cushioning and compression set properties.
A blend of Dupont ™ Engage ®, Isoprene rubber and proprietary materials provides the ultimate ride.

Click to Watch Video

Abzorb® EX

A combination of New Balance’s premium Abzorb ® foam and a peripheral pocket of non-pressurized
air that is encapsulated in an engineered thermoplastic.

Click to Watch Video

Abzorb ® DTS

Dynamic Transition System (D.T.S) combines Abzorb ® foam and Abzorb ® SBS to provide optimal
cushioning and a smooth transition on heel strike.

Click to Watch Video


C-Cap ®

Lightweight midsole adds cushion without sacrificing flexibility.


Abzorb ® SBS

Engineered non-cellular elastomer designed to provide optimal shock absorption and no compression set.

Click to Watch Video


Abzorb ® FL

An excellent cushioning system that resists compression will allow you to run more and more often.

N-Fuse ™

The perfect combination of two midsole foams: one soft for added cushioning, one structured
for full-stride support.

Click to Watch Video


TS2 ®

Multi-density medial support creates a smooth transition from heel strike to toe-off.

Click to Watch Video


Extended Web ™

Structured light weight arch support that extends into the medial heel and provides midfoot rigidity (preventing midfoot flex) and medial rearfoot support.


Rollbar ®

TPU medial and or lateral post with composite plate designed to minimize rearfoot movement
(pronation and supination). When combined with TS2 ® provides the ultimate in motion control.

Click to Watch Video


Encap  ®

A core of EVA encapsulated within a shell of polyurethane for added stability and shock dispersion.

Click to Watch Video
AT Tread

AT Tread ®

Outsole tread designed to provide optimal traction for both on and off-road use.


RockStop ®

Protects feet by dispersing the shock from landing on rocks and debris across your foot.

Click to Watch Video


NGrip ®

Outsole material which provides slip resistance and oil resistance beyond industry standards.

Click to Watch Video


NDurance ®

Rubber compound for maximum durability in high wear areas.

Walking Strike Path

Walking Strike Path ®

Outsole feature that stabilize and guides the foot through the walking gait cycle.


Sure Lace ™

Sure Lace is a computer knit lace/chord designed with a reciprocating wave pattern that will not
untie under high performance or inclement conditions.
The lace’s design also provides the ability to variable lace (tight at the bottom of the throat-loose at the top)
their shoe therefore providing optimal fit.

Click here to watch Video


Lightning Dry ®

By managing moisture transfer, this superior fabric helps keep skin dry and comfortable.


NLock ®

Integrated lacing and webbing system that provides optimal fit, support and security.

Click to watch video


TruTrak ®

Outsole designed to provide maximum traction and surface contact.

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Adidas Technology
Asics Technology
Brooks Technology
Mizuno Technology
Nike Technology
Saucony Technology

Mizuno Running Shoe Technology

September 16, 2008

Mizuno is a well recognized brand for making some of the top running shoes for athletes. This brand has its origins in Japan, Tokyo in 1906 when two brothers founded the first Mizuno Shop. Mizuno has not only develop excellent technologies for their shoes but also for any other piece of apparel they made.

Mizuno Shoe Technologies:

The AirMesh technology allows the running shoes to have a high capability for breathing, maintaining your feet dry and coll at all times, which prevent problems like: Strong Odor, hyperhydrosis, bad fungus among others. We have discussed some of this problems in one of our previous posts –> Foot Problems

The AP Midsole technology provides a lightweight and responsive base for the shoes, which means more control over your foot while running.

The BioLock technology its a simple technology which allows the shoes to absorb the heel shape for maximum comfort, it also enhances performance by eliminating heel slippage to reduce wasted motion. Great for overpronators.

The Gore-Tex is an upper technology applied to most of Mizuno shoes, which is a special material that prevents weather factors to act in your feet, keeping them at an optimal conditions at all conditions, this material is also water resistance.

The Intercool technology its a full lenght ventilation system in the core of the sole that removes heat and humidity from the foot  through its ventilation channels. Between the intercool system and the airmesh you will find a perfect fit for your needs in case you have hyperhydrosis problems.

The SensorPoint gives the shoes more stability and traction in all surfaces. Mizuno’s revolutionary suspension system which uses studs that connect the Wave plate directly to the ground.

The VS-1 technology is an exclusive shock absorption system which provides more cushioning,  resisting compression allows the shoes to extend the cushioning life of running shoes.

The Wet Traction system is a Bi-Directional outsole rubber synthetic leather compound that breaks through water, improving grip in all conditions and all surfaces.

The X-10 technology provides the most durable carbonrubber that allows for longer wear in high impact areas and provides more traction at heel strike during the gait cycle. Excellent combination with the BioLock technology for overpronators.

The Smooth Ride technology provides maximum comfort, ultimate feel, unsurpassed performance this system was designed at the Mizuno’s Sozo Studio. Designed to minimise the rapid acceleration and deceleration of the foot through the phases of the running cycle by reducing shock and increasing flexibility. This allows Mizuno to create running footwear that provides an extremely comfortable running experience through an even smoother ride.

The Sozo Engineering division was created with the only purpose of achieving the maximum standards in shoe technologies. Responsible for the Smooth Ride technology is the spirit with which Mizuno has created a revolutionary design studio to cultivate cutting-edge concepts and methodologies for the development of sports equipment. Using innovative computer simulation which replicates physical characteristics, such as bone structure and muscle mass and then analyses the impact forces generated by various physical traits and running styles, Mizuno is able to determine the exact quantity and positioning of cushioning and stability materials within the midsole of a shoe.

The Mizuno Wave is a unique technology that combines two elements that are both necessary for a great running shoes, cushion and stability.The Wave department studies all the forces that are applied to the human body while running, that’s why Mizuno study all compositions and possible combinations of materials to have the correct blend of cushioning and stability and therefore minimise the risk of injury.

The wave plate provides excellent cushioning by dispersing the force of impact across a larger surface area. The stability aspect of Wave technology is gained by the construction differing between the outside (lateral) and the inside (medial) of the shoe, therefore resisting the compression of the midsole in high pressure areas.

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