Saucony Techonologies – Part 2

We have left some other Saucony technologies to talk about in our previous post. So we are going to discuss the remaining technologies in this one. First of all lets talk about some materials used in the following technologies:

EVA: (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) A midsole material which is durable, lightweight, and provides cushioning.
PU: (PolyUrethane) A durable, long-lasting midsole material, which gives a firmer ride.

HRC – High Rebound Compound:

This is the premier Saucony Cushioning system, made of a responsive EVA/rubber compound which provides cushioning through the later stages of the gait cycle. Whilst Grid provides shock absorption in the rearfoot of the shoe, HRC is a dynamic compound which is used in the forefoot and/or the rearfoot. It is specifically designed to follow the centre of pressure beneath the metatarsal heads during toe off.
Some features of thios techonology are:

– Shock Absorption
– Resist Compression
– Cushioning and flexibility
– Smooth toe-off

HRC Strobel Board:

A layer of HRC running the full length of the shoe, underneath the sockliner. HRC is used in the forefoot of almost all of Saucony technical running shoes.

SRC – Super Rebound Compound:

Super Rebound Compound is an upgraded EVA which not only provides 15% more resilience but 10% greater durability too.

Impulse EVA:

A upgraded high-end EVA with better compression set. Up to 15% more durable, which means that it returns to it’s original shape. For this reason your cushioning system last longer.

Dual and Triple Density Midsole:

The dual density midsole provides a firmer density of EVA located on the medial side of the shoes which slows the rate and controls the maximum angle of over-pronation. By reducing the moments of pronation, this kind of shoes reduces the rotation transmitted up the lower leg to help reduce the risk of injuries.
The triple density midsole provides further control and also take cares of the maximum angle of over-pronation when running.

B/CR (Blown and Carbon Rubber):

This material combination created by Saucony is one of his best. This lightweight, flexible outsole material provides added cushioning while maintaining durability.


The Saucony Arch-Locks are built in a simple but efficient manner that wraps around the midfoot area and keeps it snugly in position on the midsole keeping the arch where it belongs.

Impact Interface™:

Embedded between the EVA and the SRC™, the Impact Interface isolates and cushions heel-strike impact so the heel can compress without bottoming out, preventing some injuries that may occur when running long distances.


Technology which let the Saucony shoes monitors heat/cold to keep your feet at a comfortable temperaure.


The Ortholine sockliner is a breathable, moisture wicking, anti odor and anti-microbial Ortholite insole that provides improved step-in comfort with rebound properties.

Outsole Fabrics:

XT-600: A carbon rubber outsole material which offers outstanding abrasion and traction properties.

XT-900: Saucony’s carbon rubber outsole material which offers exceptional traction properties without sacrificing durability.

XT-1200: Saucony’s exclusive Super-Abrasion carbon rubber outsole material which offers superior durability.



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