Ed Hardy Style

Ed Hardy

Ed Hardy is an American tattoo artist born and raised in Southern California in 1945.

A pupil of Sailor Jerry, Hardy is recognized for incorporating Japanese tattoo aesthetic and technique into his work.

Don Ed Hardy is a painter, print maker and tattoo artist and recently he has turned his talented designs to apparel, including shoes t-shirts and accessories.

Although some people might say that Ed Hardy is overrated, the tattoo-like drawings are truly eye catching.

Here are some interesting styles, the price of the Ed Hardy sneakers goes from $54.00 up to $103.99

Check out the list at the bottom if you are interested in getting a pair

ed hardy 1

Ed Hardy HighRise Glitter

ed hardy 2

Ed Hardy Glitter LowerRise Shoes

ed hardy 4

Ed Hardy HighRise

ed hardy 5Ed Hardy Satin

ed hardy 6

ed hardy 7

Ed Hardy HighRise Leather Shoes

Find Ed Hardy at these online stores:





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One Response to “Ed Hardy Style”

  1. Liberty Says:

    Hey Ed Hardy you are doing well, Your designs are very attractive and also best look in footwear.

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