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New Balance Technologies

October 14, 2008

New Balance Technologies

New Balance Suspension System
TEC System

Achieving your best performance depends on shoes that fit – that conform to the unique architecture of your foot and offer the support, motion control and shock absorption you need to excel.

The New Balance TEC System offers a range of widths, sizes, configurations and technologies that add up to the perfect shoe for your individual needs.


Acteva ™ Lite

Lighter foam means no tiring out on running so quickly.
Extremely durable and 24% lighter than standard, this midsole foam really keeps you going.

Acteva ™ Ultra Lite

Ultra Lite means 32% lighter than standard midsole foam, which means lighter feet and longer runs.


NB Zip ™

A responsive cushioning technology supported with shock-absorbing struts and designed to get a better performance.


Acteva ™

12% lighter than standard midsole foam with Dupont Engage for durability, it helps both runner and shoe last a little longer.

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NB’s top of the line foam material with excellent cushioning and compression set properties.
A blend of Dupont ™ Engage ®, Isoprene rubber and proprietary materials provides the ultimate ride.

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Abzorb® EX

A combination of New Balance’s premium Abzorb ® foam and a peripheral pocket of non-pressurized
air that is encapsulated in an engineered thermoplastic.

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Abzorb ® DTS

Dynamic Transition System (D.T.S) combines Abzorb ® foam and Abzorb ® SBS to provide optimal
cushioning and a smooth transition on heel strike.

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C-Cap ®

Lightweight midsole adds cushion without sacrificing flexibility.


Abzorb ® SBS

Engineered non-cellular elastomer designed to provide optimal shock absorption and no compression set.

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Abzorb ® FL

An excellent cushioning system that resists compression will allow you to run more and more often.

N-Fuse ™

The perfect combination of two midsole foams: one soft for added cushioning, one structured
for full-stride support.

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TS2 ®

Multi-density medial support creates a smooth transition from heel strike to toe-off.

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Extended Web ™

Structured light weight arch support that extends into the medial heel and provides midfoot rigidity (preventing midfoot flex) and medial rearfoot support.


Rollbar ®

TPU medial and or lateral post with composite plate designed to minimize rearfoot movement
(pronation and supination). When combined with TS2 ® provides the ultimate in motion control.

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Encap  ®

A core of EVA encapsulated within a shell of polyurethane for added stability and shock dispersion.

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AT Tread

AT Tread ®

Outsole tread designed to provide optimal traction for both on and off-road use.


RockStop ®

Protects feet by dispersing the shock from landing on rocks and debris across your foot.

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NGrip ®

Outsole material which provides slip resistance and oil resistance beyond industry standards.

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NDurance ®

Rubber compound for maximum durability in high wear areas.

Walking Strike Path

Walking Strike Path ®

Outsole feature that stabilize and guides the foot through the walking gait cycle.


Sure Lace ™

Sure Lace is a computer knit lace/chord designed with a reciprocating wave pattern that will not
untie under high performance or inclement conditions.
The lace’s design also provides the ability to variable lace (tight at the bottom of the throat-loose at the top)
their shoe therefore providing optimal fit.

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Lightning Dry ®

By managing moisture transfer, this superior fabric helps keep skin dry and comfortable.


NLock ®

Integrated lacing and webbing system that provides optimal fit, support and security.

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TruTrak ®

Outsole designed to provide maximum traction and surface contact.

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Mizuno Running Shoe Technology

September 16, 2008

Mizuno is a well recognized brand for making some of the top running shoes for athletes. This brand has its origins in Japan, Tokyo in 1906 when two brothers founded the first Mizuno Shop. Mizuno has not only develop excellent technologies for their shoes but also for any other piece of apparel they made.

Mizuno Shoe Technologies:

The AirMesh technology allows the running shoes to have a high capability for breathing, maintaining your feet dry and coll at all times, which prevent problems like: Strong Odor, hyperhydrosis, bad fungus among others. We have discussed some of this problems in one of our previous posts –> Foot Problems

The AP Midsole technology provides a lightweight and responsive base for the shoes, which means more control over your foot while running.

The BioLock technology its a simple technology which allows the shoes to absorb the heel shape for maximum comfort, it also enhances performance by eliminating heel slippage to reduce wasted motion. Great for overpronators.

The Gore-Tex is an upper technology applied to most of Mizuno shoes, which is a special material that prevents weather factors to act in your feet, keeping them at an optimal conditions at all conditions, this material is also water resistance.

The Intercool technology its a full lenght ventilation system in the core of the sole that removes heat and humidity from the foot  through its ventilation channels. Between the intercool system and the airmesh you will find a perfect fit for your needs in case you have hyperhydrosis problems.

The SensorPoint gives the shoes more stability and traction in all surfaces. Mizuno’s revolutionary suspension system which uses studs that connect the Wave plate directly to the ground.

The VS-1 technology is an exclusive shock absorption system which provides more cushioning,  resisting compression allows the shoes to extend the cushioning life of running shoes.

The Wet Traction system is a Bi-Directional outsole rubber synthetic leather compound that breaks through water, improving grip in all conditions and all surfaces.

The X-10 technology provides the most durable carbonrubber that allows for longer wear in high impact areas and provides more traction at heel strike during the gait cycle. Excellent combination with the BioLock technology for overpronators.

The Smooth Ride technology provides maximum comfort, ultimate feel, unsurpassed performance this system was designed at the Mizuno’s Sozo Studio. Designed to minimise the rapid acceleration and deceleration of the foot through the phases of the running cycle by reducing shock and increasing flexibility. This allows Mizuno to create running footwear that provides an extremely comfortable running experience through an even smoother ride.

The Sozo Engineering division was created with the only purpose of achieving the maximum standards in shoe technologies. Responsible for the Smooth Ride technology is the spirit with which Mizuno has created a revolutionary design studio to cultivate cutting-edge concepts and methodologies for the development of sports equipment. Using innovative computer simulation which replicates physical characteristics, such as bone structure and muscle mass and then analyses the impact forces generated by various physical traits and running styles, Mizuno is able to determine the exact quantity and positioning of cushioning and stability materials within the midsole of a shoe.

The Mizuno Wave is a unique technology that combines two elements that are both necessary for a great running shoes, cushion and stability.The Wave department studies all the forces that are applied to the human body while running, that’s why Mizuno study all compositions and possible combinations of materials to have the correct blend of cushioning and stability and therefore minimise the risk of injury.

The wave plate provides excellent cushioning by dispersing the force of impact across a larger surface area. The stability aspect of Wave technology is gained by the construction differing between the outside (lateral) and the inside (medial) of the shoe, therefore resisting the compression of the midsole in high pressure areas.

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    Saucony Technology for Running Shoes

    August 11, 2008

    Saucony Technology

    New Saucnoy logo
    If this is the first time you visit in our blog you may want to get our RSS Feed. Just click here and suscribe for free. First we talk about Adidas Technology now is the turn of the Saucony running shoes. Which technologies are applied to the Saucony shoes?

    Saucony Running Technology:

    Shoe Lasts:

    (In case you wanted to know what “last” means check our Shoe parts post)
    As you may realize every single person has different shapes of feet that´s why Saucony has built several different shapes for their shoes. Women and men have different last as an example.
    Saucony recognise that feet can be different shapes, and our shoes need to reflect this.

    Standard Last:

    Saucony’s classic semi-curved last, “the classic Saucony fit”. Some characteristics are that these shoes are wide in the forefoot, narrow in the heel able for every single runner.

    Contour Last:

    Saucony’s semi-curved last. The Contour Last offers a tapered and sculpted profile which provides an anatomically correct representation of the foot.

    Modified Contour Last:

    Saucony’s newest last. With all new technology for better grip and offering an anatomically shape to adapt to your feet.

    Straight Last:

    Saucony’s straight last is designed for runners with flatter feet while maintaining the fit and feel for which Saucony is known. Primarily found in Motion Control shoes that are designed to address extreme foot pronation.

    Performance Last:

    A curved last which allows fastest possible heel-to-toe transition.

    GRID Technology:

    The Grid technology is a woven configuration of Hytrel™ filaments which provide superior cushioning and stability by centring the heel when impacting the floor.
    Saucony uses the GRID system because unlike other cushioning systems seen in technical running shoes, it offers stable cushioning. If you notice that when running the first part of the foot hitting the ground is the heel, so this is vital to the health of a runner due to the fact that when the heel touches the ground a force of up to three times body weight (3G) is generated. This force acts not only in the heel but also it is transmitted up the lower leg and into the back, affecting the ankle, knee and hip joints.
    The GRID cassette fits into the rearfoot section of the midsole (as shown on picture below), as the impact occurs, the interwoven Hytrel strands bend to the shape of the heel, while the midsole compresses, thus providing cushioning.

    Saucony GRID Technology

    Saucony GRID Technology

    Which let this technology be one of the best for running is that the actual user is more in control of the cushioning movement. “GRID Technology = Controlled Cushioning”

    Different GRID Techonolgies:

    GRID: The Grid technology was introduced in 1991, a whole generation of runners has become addicted to this kind of shoes. It uses woven Hytrel™ filaments.The physics work a bit like a tennis racquet for a runner’s foot, absorbing and deflecting impacts and protecting the body from the force of the road.

    PROGRID: The latest of all GRID techs, built closer to the foot, it provides greater cushioning without compromising support and durability. ProGrid is created with Respon-Tek™, our latest impact deflection technology, which is made from a blend of foams and synthetic rubbers.

    3D GRID: Soft grade Hytrel™ filaments wrapped around the midsole form a platform for heel strike cushioning and shock absorption. On the 3D Grid Hurricane, the lateral strands of the 3D Grid are angled at 30° to optimize heel strike cushioning and reduce the rate of pronation. 90° strands on the medial side provide structural support and limit over-pronation.

    I-GRID: The difference with this one is that is built with EVA. I-Grid is a super-lightweight cushioning system used in our lightest racing shoes.

    Active GRID Cushioning: Active Grid is a further development of Saucony’s premier cushioning technology. The Hytrel strands are arranged in a Vector Shape which provides hinge-like compression whilst the softer material allows for shock attenuation. By gradiating the angle of the strands a smooth and controlled transition from heel strike is provided along with some gentle pronation control.

    FleXion Plate:

    The Flexion Plate technology allows the runner to move from the heel to the forefoot as efficiently as
    The Flexion Plate is a TPU based structure that guides the foot from heel strike to forefoot letting the runner up onto their toes as quickly as possible. The Flexion Plate creates a platform which cushions and controls but does not allow as much deflection into the midsole. By promoting forward direction, and disallowing injury-encouraging, energy wasting lateral motion, the transition to the forefoot occurs without using as much energy as a typical high cushion, low response running shoe.

    Ionic Cushioning System: (ICS)

    In some Saucony shoes, you’ll find the famous Ionic Cushioning System, or I.C.S. Another important Saucony innovation that contributes substantially to comfort and control, it is composed of moulded triangular pillars at the rear of the midsole and provides additional cushioning for the heel-strike phase of each running stride.

    Check our next post for more Saucony running technologies. STAY TUNED 😛


    Summer Shoes 2008: Trends and Fashion

    June 30, 2008



    Summer has finally arrived; those long sunny days are here at last!
    But let’s face it; few things are harder on shoes than a hot, sweaty summer day.
    So, what better way to pamper our feet than offering them the latest fashion shoes trends?
    We know that some of these stylish shoes might cost a whole lot of money, so why not approach summer with “disposable” shoes?

    Make them colorful, fun, and most importantly, cheap.
    Aim for the $100 or below, and buy a bunch – that way no single pair ever gets you bored, and the best part, they haven’t cost an arm and a leg.
    Still, every now and then what woman can resist to at least having one designer pair of shoes?
    That’s why you’ll find some nice “visual treats” in this post, with three or even four cipher price tags.

    Most Popular Shoe Trends

    In women’s shoes, the style of the season is still the platform, but thongs are always hot when the temperature climbs, and wedges are on their way back after a brief disappearing act over the last couple of seasons; of course Gladiator sandals are still present this season as well, bright colors, color-blocking, prints, patents … these are just a few of the hottest trends in women’s shoes for Spring and Summer 2008.

    Keds Bravo Browns Browns ID

    $49.98 – $59.98 – $99.98

    $20 and under Feet First Collection

    JLo David Dixon Town

    $99.99 – $99.99 – $69.99

    Sam Edelman- Gilda Black Snake $85 – Jildor

    Women’s Gilda Gladiator Sandal $85 – Amazon

    Sam Edelman – Pewter Snake Gilda Sandal $78 – Kitson

    Christian Louboutin
    Marilou Zeppa wedges


    Giuseppe Zanotti
    Rock flat sandals
    $ 750

    Celebrity Sightings

    Sarah Jessica Parker kicked of yet another shoe trend with her Roger Vivier pumps.

    Photo from:

    Kylie Minogue hit the bricks in sunshine-bright slides.

    Photo from:

    Kirsten Dunst kept her cool in black gladiator sandals with ankle ties.

    Photo from:

    Misha Barton

    Men’s Fashion: It’s all about sandals

    Sandals are no longer simply considered shower or beach shoes; they can take you from the office to the local happy hour, and from the boardwalk to the club. They have taken on a life of their own, and worked their way from the bottom to the top of the fashion chain. And since it’s all about survival of the fittest, you’ve got to prove that you have an eye for style if you want to catch the eye of the lovely ladies — who always seem to swarm the streets come summertime.

    Check out some cool men sandals at:

    Kobe Bryant Shoes

    June 9, 2008

    Kobe Bryant shoes

    Watching the NBA finals yesterday gives me the idea of making this “Behind the scenes” Kobe Bryant shoes post. Basketball shoes has been a selling icon since the first Michael Jordan Shoes. The “Air Jordan 1”. After the MJ signature shoes, basketball shoes has become an excellent way for companies such as: Nike, Adidas, Converse to boost their sales. Lets check the Kobe Bryant Shoe History.

    Kobe Shoes

    Kobe Shoes



    The smooth, sleek style of the men’s Kobe two basketball shoes from Adidas® is expressed through an innovative midsole, molded pearlized skin with a brushed-metal look
    and a hood-covered lacing system. The full-rubber outsole features a herringbone pattern for maximum traction on the court.
    An integrated 3D Torsion® system helps deliver midfoot stability and support,
    while an internal bootie is built-in for optimum comfort and support.

    * Despite these Adidas Kobe Bryant shoes are not manufactured anymore, you can still buy them at

    Nike 2K5 & 2K4


    Perhaps the Huarache is one of the best basketball shoes Nike has ever made. It has tremendous durability in long hours of play and comfort is consistent.
    Players do not have to worry about the weight for the Huarache provides maximum stability even if it is very light to wear.
    Finally, centers, forwards and guards will highly appreciate this kind of shoe. Aside from its performance, the Huarache also has distinctive styles and color ways to match the owners.

    Nike Zoom Kobe I


    The ZK1’s most striking feature is the carbon fiber spring plate on the outside of the midsole, which extends from the midfoot around the heel
    all the way to the midfoot on the medial side, this feature contributes to the unmatched stability the total package provides.

    Another innovative feature of the ZK1 is its ankle collar design; the ZK1’s Dynamic Ankle Collar extends to the back of the heel and joins with the shoe’s sphere inner booty.
    Inside the shoe, the where the ankle sits is a round piece of leather on both sides of the bone, which provides great comfort but sacrifices great fit.

    * These shoes are available in and other online stores.

    Nike Zoom Kobe II


    Relentless innovation for a signature shoe, The Nike Zoom Kobe II provides the ultimate performance experience.
    It’s not just another basketball shoe, it’s a line called “Weapons of War” and conformed by 3 basketball shoes: the Zoom Kobe Sheath, Strength, and Lite.
    Kobe worked with the design team at Nike to ensure that his Zoom Kobe II, a product that demanded 18 months of design process, would cover his expectations:
    a creative signature shoe to could also provide speed, strength, increased flexibility, traction, and support.

    Nike Zoom Kobe III


    On February 2008 Kobe’s third shoes hit the streets. The pictures available show 3 color sets for the 2007-2008 NBA Season: black, grey and maize; grey, white and sky blue; and the All-Star edition with red and gold.
    The new edition of Kobe Bryant signature shoes, the Nike Zoom Kobe III (3) feature:
    • Stability: Carbon fiber plate provides the ultimate balance between stability and support, energy response and flexibility.
    • Cushioning: Full-length Zoom Air unit in the midsole delivers protection, extreme responsiveness and quick motion on the court.
    • Support: Injected cafte urethane on the upper forms the net shape for added support and adjustment on the foot.

    Last and but definitely not least
    Kobe Bryan Hyperdunks

    Nike launched the Hyperdunk shoes, its “lightest and strongest basketball shoe ever”. Kobe and other olympic players like Manu Ginobili, Yi Jian Lian and Dirk Nowitzki will wear them in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

    The shoes, to be released in July will feature colorways and characters to represent each player.
    Although there have been several presentations, and events to introduce the Hyperdunks, there’s no doubt that the most “eye-catching” was the internet release of a video,
    featuring Kobe jumping over an Aston Martin, wearing of course the Hyperdunks.


    Check this site for more info on Kobe´s Shoes: