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Mizuno Running Shoe Technology

September 16, 2008

Mizuno is a well recognized brand for making some of the top running shoes for athletes. This brand has its origins in Japan, Tokyo in 1906 when two brothers founded the first Mizuno Shop. Mizuno has not only develop excellent technologies for their shoes but also for any other piece of apparel they made.

Mizuno Shoe Technologies:

The AirMesh technology allows the running shoes to have a high capability for breathing, maintaining your feet dry and coll at all times, which prevent problems like: Strong Odor, hyperhydrosis, bad fungus among others. We have discussed some of this problems in one of our previous posts –> Foot Problems

The AP Midsole technology provides a lightweight and responsive base for the shoes, which means more control over your foot while running.

The BioLock technology its a simple technology which allows the shoes to absorb the heel shape for maximum comfort, it also enhances performance by eliminating heel slippage to reduce wasted motion. Great for overpronators.

The Gore-Tex is an upper technology applied to most of Mizuno shoes, which is a special material that prevents weather factors to act in your feet, keeping them at an optimal conditions at all conditions, this material is also water resistance.

The Intercool technology its a full lenght ventilation system in the core of the sole that removes heat and humidity from the foot  through its ventilation channels. Between the intercool system and the airmesh you will find a perfect fit for your needs in case you have hyperhydrosis problems.

The SensorPoint gives the shoes more stability and traction in all surfaces. Mizuno’s revolutionary suspension system which uses studs that connect the Wave plate directly to the ground.

The VS-1 technology is an exclusive shock absorption system which provides more cushioning,  resisting compression allows the shoes to extend the cushioning life of running shoes.

The Wet Traction system is a Bi-Directional outsole rubber synthetic leather compound that breaks through water, improving grip in all conditions and all surfaces.

The X-10 technology provides the most durable carbonrubber that allows for longer wear in high impact areas and provides more traction at heel strike during the gait cycle. Excellent combination with the BioLock technology for overpronators.

The Smooth Ride technology provides maximum comfort, ultimate feel, unsurpassed performance this system was designed at the Mizuno’s Sozo Studio. Designed to minimise the rapid acceleration and deceleration of the foot through the phases of the running cycle by reducing shock and increasing flexibility. This allows Mizuno to create running footwear that provides an extremely comfortable running experience through an even smoother ride.

The Sozo Engineering division was created with the only purpose of achieving the maximum standards in shoe technologies. Responsible for the Smooth Ride technology is the spirit with which Mizuno has created a revolutionary design studio to cultivate cutting-edge concepts and methodologies for the development of sports equipment. Using innovative computer simulation which replicates physical characteristics, such as bone structure and muscle mass and then analyses the impact forces generated by various physical traits and running styles, Mizuno is able to determine the exact quantity and positioning of cushioning and stability materials within the midsole of a shoe.

The Mizuno Wave is a unique technology that combines two elements that are both necessary for a great running shoes, cushion and stability.The Wave department studies all the forces that are applied to the human body while running, that’s why Mizuno study all compositions and possible combinations of materials to have the correct blend of cushioning and stability and therefore minimise the risk of injury.

The wave plate provides excellent cushioning by dispersing the force of impact across a larger surface area. The stability aspect of Wave technology is gained by the construction differing between the outside (lateral) and the inside (medial) of the shoe, therefore resisting the compression of the midsole in high pressure areas.

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