New Balance Technologies

New Balance Technologies

New Balance Suspension System
TEC System

Achieving your best performance depends on shoes that fit – that conform to the unique architecture of your foot and offer the support, motion control and shock absorption you need to excel.

The New Balance TEC System offers a range of widths, sizes, configurations and technologies that add up to the perfect shoe for your individual needs.


Acteva ™ Lite

Lighter foam means no tiring out on running so quickly.
Extremely durable and 24% lighter than standard, this midsole foam really keeps you going.

Acteva ™ Ultra Lite

Ultra Lite means 32% lighter than standard midsole foam, which means lighter feet and longer runs.


NB Zip ™

A responsive cushioning technology supported with shock-absorbing struts and designed to get a better performance.


Acteva ™

12% lighter than standard midsole foam with Dupont Engage for durability, it helps both runner and shoe last a little longer.

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NB’s top of the line foam material with excellent cushioning and compression set properties.
A blend of Dupont ™ Engage ®, Isoprene rubber and proprietary materials provides the ultimate ride.

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Abzorb® EX

A combination of New Balance’s premium Abzorb ® foam and a peripheral pocket of non-pressurized
air that is encapsulated in an engineered thermoplastic.

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Abzorb ® DTS

Dynamic Transition System (D.T.S) combines Abzorb ® foam and Abzorb ® SBS to provide optimal
cushioning and a smooth transition on heel strike.

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C-Cap ®

Lightweight midsole adds cushion without sacrificing flexibility.


Abzorb ® SBS

Engineered non-cellular elastomer designed to provide optimal shock absorption and no compression set.

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Abzorb ® FL

An excellent cushioning system that resists compression will allow you to run more and more often.

N-Fuse ™

The perfect combination of two midsole foams: one soft for added cushioning, one structured
for full-stride support.

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TS2 ®

Multi-density medial support creates a smooth transition from heel strike to toe-off.

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Extended Web ™

Structured light weight arch support that extends into the medial heel and provides midfoot rigidity (preventing midfoot flex) and medial rearfoot support.


Rollbar ®

TPU medial and or lateral post with composite plate designed to minimize rearfoot movement
(pronation and supination). When combined with TS2 ® provides the ultimate in motion control.

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Encap  ®

A core of EVA encapsulated within a shell of polyurethane for added stability and shock dispersion.

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AT Tread

AT Tread ®

Outsole tread designed to provide optimal traction for both on and off-road use.


RockStop ®

Protects feet by dispersing the shock from landing on rocks and debris across your foot.

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NGrip ®

Outsole material which provides slip resistance and oil resistance beyond industry standards.

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NDurance ®

Rubber compound for maximum durability in high wear areas.

Walking Strike Path

Walking Strike Path ®

Outsole feature that stabilize and guides the foot through the walking gait cycle.


Sure Lace ™

Sure Lace is a computer knit lace/chord designed with a reciprocating wave pattern that will not
untie under high performance or inclement conditions.
The lace’s design also provides the ability to variable lace (tight at the bottom of the throat-loose at the top)
their shoe therefore providing optimal fit.

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Lightning Dry ®

By managing moisture transfer, this superior fabric helps keep skin dry and comfortable.


NLock ®

Integrated lacing and webbing system that provides optimal fit, support and security.

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TruTrak ®

Outsole designed to provide maximum traction and surface contact.

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