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Asics Running Shoe Technology

September 11, 2008
Asics Logo

Asics Logo

As you know every footwear maker has its own ways to deal with running shoes that’s why we have choose to put all technologies applied to our daily running shoes.

Athletes have different needs and therefore they require different shoes that better suit their style, technique and also some pronation, cushion issues when running.

Before even thinking about categories Asics has study the human body while in motion, beacuse of this they focused all eforts on studying the Cardinal Body Planes, Gait Cycle and of course the Gender differences. After a serious study Asics has develop some unique categories for its shoes.

Asics Categories:

Health: Walking shoes with the whole purpose of helping people with Diabetes.

Fitness: Walking shoes focused on cushioning, stability and performance designed for those people that enjoy long walks.

Comfort: Walking shoes for superior comfort, cushioning and safety.

Structured Cushioning: Running shoes with a well balanced blend of cushioning and stability. Most recommended shoe for running.

Cushioning: A category of running shoes with an emphasis on cushioning and flexibility, for runners with relatively few biomechanical problems.

Maximum Support: Running shoes with a relatively high degree of support and cushioning technologies, blended to enhance the natural motion of the foot. This running shoes are a must if you have some problems of overpronation.

Trail: Running shoes for comfortable and safe off the road running. This shoes were focused on traction, flexibility and durability.

Asics Technologies:

Impact Guidance System The IGS or (Impact Guidance System)  is a technical design based on the philosophy of the human body that allows the foot to perform a more natural heel to toe movement. This technology is based on 3 priciples: Contact, MidStance and  Propulsion.

RearFoot CushioningThe RearFoot GEL Cushioning System is a silycon based cushinong system which provides a lower shock when the heel impacts on the ground offering a better cushioning.

ForeFoot CushioningThe ForeFoot GEL Cushioning System, is a similar technology as the rear one which is placed in the forefoot of the shoes. It reduces shear forces and also helps the foot when propulsing.

Speva MidsoleThe SpeVa Midsole technology, is a material that improves bounce back characteristics and decreases midsole breakdown when running. Some of the features that provides this technology are: Better shock attenuation, improves durability.

Solyte MidsoleThe Solyte Midsole technology, is even a lighter midsole than the Speva without loosing all the other properties. Some of the benefits of using this technology woulb be: more cushioning, durablity, responsive and of course lightweight.

Speva LastingSolyte TechonologyThe Speva Lasting enhances stability, cushioning and comfort. Though the years Asics has managed to improve its technology so now they have 3 types of Speva Lastings which differ one to another on its density: Lasting technology, through the use of three different densities: 45 density for high cushion
and flexibility, 55 density for increased stiffness to boost the spring rate, and 65 density for increased stiffness thus limiting midsole deformation.

DuoMax TechnologyThe DuoMax technology is a higher density EVA material which helps to reduce the effect of overpronations and also enhances the normal movement of the foot. Exclusive stabilising technology.

Trusstic SystemThe Trusstic System technology, its a midfoot technology which links the rearfoot with the frontfoot. It also shores the midfoot  as it prepares for propulsion.

Space Trusstic SystemThis is the Space Trusstic System a variable from the Trusstic Sysytem seen above which provides Windlass Mechanics.

Dynamic CradleThe Dynamic Cradle, is a a technology based in the guidance of the Toe-Off. This technology is placed in the midsole and helps balance the foot while it moves through the gait cycle.

Stability Cradle The Stability Cradle, is a reinforced EVA component contoured to provide medial and lateral stability.

Biomorphic FitThe Biomorphic Fit technology, ita a special technology which allows the upper to move equally to the foot in the gait cycle which reduces the friction between the material and the foot, preventing the athletes from getting blisters.

Dousole TechnologyThe Dousole technology allows a better flexibility, an incredible grip in most surfaces and also adds more lightweight to the shoe.

PHF TechnologyThe PHF technology was develop for a personalized hell fit. Its build of High density self-moding foam which mading a perfect shape for the heel and the achilles tendom. Decreases slipagge and also gives more comfort to the heel.

Widths MeasuresAs well as New Balance, Asics has a variety of widths depending on gender and width size. This helps the athlete to a better fit when using their shoes and also a stable platform for running, and also a proper framing of the foot.

Ahar TechnologyThe Ahar technology, or ASICS High Abrasion Rubber, is a tough rubber compound used at the heavy-contact. Helps cut down on excessive wear.

DuraSponge TechnologyThe DuraSponge technology of the ASICS shoes Blown abrasion-resistant rubber outsole material, adding durability while still supplying a comfortable ride.

3M MaterialsThe 3M, is a reflective material produce by the 3M company for night safety.

MultiFunction CleatsThis means MultiFunction Cleats, providing responsiveness on turf/grass surfaces. A unique design which allows the cleat to “cut and rotate” through the turf, whilst still providing exceptional grip and stability. Excellent grip in these kinf of surfaces.

Comfort Dry SocklinerThe ComfortDry Sockliner, is a A unique dual layer cushioning system combining the support of base foam with the slow recovery of lazy foam, for a customised insole. Also contains anti-microbial properties for a cooler, drier and healthier foot environment.

Removable SocklinerThe Removable Sockliner, is an EVA sockliner moulded to the shape of the foot, which can be removed to accommodate a medical orthotic.

Californian LastingEVA LastingThe Two last technologies: EVA and Californian last. The Californian technology unifies he upper is stitched to a canvas board and directly attached to the midsole for stability and comfort.

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