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Adidas Shoes Technology – Part 2

August 6, 2008

Adidas Technology – Part 2

PowerPulse ™ Technology

PowerPulse Technology
The PowerPulse™ concept offers footballers a significant increase in ball speed compared to conventional boots when shooting or passing. Materials are concentrated toward the front of the boot to generate maximum momentum and power from the forward swing of the foot as it contacts the ball.

Pro-moderator ™ Technology

Pro Moderator Technology
Pro-moderator is an extremely lightweight midsole support system. The material used is a thermoplastic
urethane (TPU) with a thickness of 1.55mm which significantly reduces the overall shoe weight compared
to a 10-15mm second density.

AdiTuff ™ Technology

AdiTuff Technology
AdiTuff is an abrasion-resistant material that provides exceptional durability in the toe and prevents
abrasion. This unique material prolongs the life of the shoe through its ability withstand wear for a longer time period. AdiTuff compounds offer better abrasion resistance than any other comparative material.

Traxion ™ Technology

Traxion Technology

The Traxion ® outsole design was originally developed for football, for which its tapered shape provides
excellent ground penetration without the typical stud pressure that football boots place on the foot.
The wide, narrow profile of Traxion lugs grips without slippage, making it ideal for use in any outdoor
sport requiring maximum outsole grip.

Adiwear ® Technology

Adiwear Technology

An extremely durable non-marking rubber used primarily for tennis shoe outsoles and for other high-
abrasion applications which offers the optimal balance of excellent abrasion resistance, traction and flexibility.
In linear sports (such as running or golf), adiWear is used to reduce wear in the heel landing area and
the toe-off area. In court sports such as tennis, it offers durability while still allowing pivoting and sliding.

Formotion ® Technology

Formotion ™ it’s a three dimensional engineering advance that creates shaped garments that follow the curves of the body and mimics the motions of sport for better fit, greater comfort and amplified freedom of

Z-Traxion ™ Technology

Z Traxion Technology

Z-Traxion is specifically engineered to deliver superior traction and stability for your golf swing.
It combines lateral lugs for grip when swinging, and linear lugs for comfort and grip while walking.
Z-shaped lugs are positioned in the pattern of the shoe resulting in 168 points of contact between the sole and the turf.

a³ ®Energy Management System (a3 Technology)

a3 Technology

The a³® Energy Management System is a comprehensive midsole cushioning and control system.
From initial impact through toe-off, every phase of the foot strike is addressed through specific materials,
geometry and levels of firmness.

ClimaLite ® Technology

Clima Lite Technology

ClimaLite® fabric pull sweat away from the skin to the outer fabric face for quick evaporation,
enhancing the body’s natural temperature regulation.

Quickstrike™ Technology

Quick Strike Technology

Quickstrike™ outsole construction provides a light, durable outsole. The synthetic used for Quickstrike™
lugs has higher abrasion resistance than traditional expanded rubber and out performs heavier carbon rubber. The material is molded directly onto a thin textile base, which functions the same as
traditional, heavier rubber base.

GeoFit® Technology

Geo Fit Technology
GeoFit® is an internal footwear technology that enhances fit and comfort by placing padding where you need it. Offering greater stability, more effective distribution of pressure, a higher level of protection and better heel fit and functional location.