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Adidas Shoes Technology – Part 2

August 6, 2008

Adidas Technology – Part 2

PowerPulse ™ Technology

PowerPulse Technology
The PowerPulse™ concept offers footballers a significant increase in ball speed compared to conventional boots when shooting or passing. Materials are concentrated toward the front of the boot to generate maximum momentum and power from the forward swing of the foot as it contacts the ball.

Pro-moderator ™ Technology

Pro Moderator Technology
Pro-moderator is an extremely lightweight midsole support system. The material used is a thermoplastic
urethane (TPU) with a thickness of 1.55mm which significantly reduces the overall shoe weight compared
to a 10-15mm second density.

AdiTuff ™ Technology

AdiTuff Technology
AdiTuff is an abrasion-resistant material that provides exceptional durability in the toe and prevents
abrasion. This unique material prolongs the life of the shoe through its ability withstand wear for a longer time period. AdiTuff compounds offer better abrasion resistance than any other comparative material.

Traxion ™ Technology

Traxion Technology

The Traxion ® outsole design was originally developed for football, for which its tapered shape provides
excellent ground penetration without the typical stud pressure that football boots place on the foot.
The wide, narrow profile of Traxion lugs grips without slippage, making it ideal for use in any outdoor
sport requiring maximum outsole grip.

Adiwear ® Technology

Adiwear Technology

An extremely durable non-marking rubber used primarily for tennis shoe outsoles and for other high-
abrasion applications which offers the optimal balance of excellent abrasion resistance, traction and flexibility.
In linear sports (such as running or golf), adiWear is used to reduce wear in the heel landing area and
the toe-off area. In court sports such as tennis, it offers durability while still allowing pivoting and sliding.

Formotion ® Technology

Formotion ™ it’s a three dimensional engineering advance that creates shaped garments that follow the curves of the body and mimics the motions of sport for better fit, greater comfort and amplified freedom of

Z-Traxion ™ Technology

Z Traxion Technology

Z-Traxion is specifically engineered to deliver superior traction and stability for your golf swing.
It combines lateral lugs for grip when swinging, and linear lugs for comfort and grip while walking.
Z-shaped lugs are positioned in the pattern of the shoe resulting in 168 points of contact between the sole and the turf.

a³ ®Energy Management System (a3 Technology)

a3 Technology

The a³® Energy Management System is a comprehensive midsole cushioning and control system.
From initial impact through toe-off, every phase of the foot strike is addressed through specific materials,
geometry and levels of firmness.

ClimaLite ® Technology

Clima Lite Technology

ClimaLite® fabric pull sweat away from the skin to the outer fabric face for quick evaporation,
enhancing the body’s natural temperature regulation.

Quickstrike™ Technology

Quick Strike Technology

Quickstrike™ outsole construction provides a light, durable outsole. The synthetic used for Quickstrike™
lugs has higher abrasion resistance than traditional expanded rubber and out performs heavier carbon rubber. The material is molded directly onto a thin textile base, which functions the same as
traditional, heavier rubber base.

GeoFit® Technology

Geo Fit Technology
GeoFit® is an internal footwear technology that enhances fit and comfort by placing padding where you need it. Offering greater stability, more effective distribution of pressure, a higher level of protection and better heel fit and functional location.


Shoes Technology // Adidas Technology – Part 1

August 6, 2008


I would like to thanks my dear friend Lucy for all the time that she spent writing this wonderful post for all of us enthusiastic of athletic shoes . . .

The inspiration for this post came to me on Monday, as I was looking for some Adidas shoes.
After 6 minutes of just watching soccer shoes for my brother, I finally choose the one I wanted, a Predator PowerSwerve in Green, which I liked because of its design…
While I searched inside my tote for my wallet, I spotted a pair of metallic blue ones an F50.8 Tunit; I got to them as quickly as I could since a tall and creepy looking guy was looking at them from a distance with the intention of buying them.
Once I got them I couldn’t help to turn around and look at the tall man with my victory smile of “I got to them first”. (Obviously there were more at the store but it was fun anyway!)

With both pairs of shoes in front of me, I was in a dilemma, which one should I pick?
To me the only difference was the color, so I look for some male advice and asked one of the salesclerk at the shoes store, he told me that the green ones were better and I obviously asked why, he responded saying
Cause they have PowerPulse technology ” I asked him what was that and he just told me “It’s a technology” ….?#@_? ¿

With that answer I wasn’t convinced at all of taking the green ones, so I bought the F.50 Tunit in metallic blue.

I would like to dedicate this post to my favorite salesclerk!!, and of course to all of those who just want to know what a3,EVA,Clima Cool means in Adidas shoes…
Enjoy! 🙂

*Since Adidas technologies are quite a lot, I’ll have to leave Nike and other brands for another post…otherwise I would be typing forever”

Shoe Parts and technologies

When it comes to sneaker technology, shoes are divided into three major areas: the upper, the midsole, and the outsole (for further information check our shoe parts post). Depending on the materials and combinations used, one model of sneaker can vary greatly from another.

The Upper

Uppers, the top part of the shoe with the laces, fancy designs and bright colors that holds the shoe together, usually come in one of three materials, leather, synthetic leather, and mesh.
Special editions, retro and vintage models, Converse and casual shoes like the Nike Vandal, the Air Force 1, and the Nike After Party for women may have a canvas upper. The most famous shoes to have an all canvas upper are the Converse All Stars.

The Midsole

Midsoles are used to cushion and provide support and protection for the foot. There are four types of materials used in commercially produced sneakers. Midsoles are often constructed of a combination of materials. Midsole materials are Phylon, polyurethane, Phylite, and EVA.


Phylon is very lightweight, low-profile and responsive. Phylon is made of EVA foam pellets that are compressed, heat expanded and then cooled in a mold. Compression-molded Phylon Midsoles can be sculpted into a variety of designs that are identified by their fine wrinkles.

PU or Polyurethane

PU is the most dense, durable and stable midsole material. PU is poured into a mold to create a firm midsole that provides maximum protection from impact. PU is identified by its smooth rubbery feel and tendency to turn yellow with age. PU is the heaviest midsole material, but it is also the most durable


Phylite is an injection-molded unit made of a combination of 60% Phylon and 40% rubber. Phylite is lighter than rubber, but heavier than Phylon and functions as both midsole and outsole. By eliminating a separate midsole and outsole the weight of the shoe is greatly reduced and flexibility is increased.


EVA is soft, light and flexible. It is the least expensive midsole material and is often used in entry-level shoes. Midsoles are cut and shaped from flat sheets of EVA foam. EVA will compress and become flat over time as the air trapped within the foam is squeezed out. Once EVA is compacted, it does not return to its original shape and no longer provides cushioning. EVA compresses faster than other midsole materials.

Adidas Technology

Adidas Logo

ClimaCool ™ Technology

Clima Cool Technology

ClimaCool™ is the adidas technology designed to keep feet cooler and drier. It combines maximum functionality through a unique 360° ventilation system with progressive and stylish design.
Each part of the shoe “breathes”, combining moisture management and maximum ventilation. The result is a shoe that helps the foot maintain its optimal temperature. With a new and highly visible technology, ClimaCool™ is adidas keystone.

AdiPrene ® Technology

AdiPrene Technology
Protection for your heel. Exclusive to adidas, adiPRENE® is an elastic material which responds to the cushioning needs of your moving foot.

adiPRENE® absorbs impact forces, providing superior cushioning and protection.
An adiPRENE® insert also provides both long-term cushioning and comfort.

Torsion System ® Technology

Torsion Technology

High-performance athletic footwear must protect and support the foot while still allowing it to function in a natural manner.
Adidas TORSION® SYSTEM stabilizes the foot, providing lightweight arch support while allowing the forefoot and rearfoot to move freely.


Adidas NBA Superstar Shoes

June 18, 2008

NBA Adidas Shoes

Adidas NBA Superstar shell-toes:

After Adidas became the official NBA sportswear brand I was hoping that they released some special edition shoes or other kind of equipment for a few teams. What they actually did really exceeded my expectations. They conbine the colors of the teams and put together 30 pair of custom sneakers for the whole NBA teams. Adidas choose one of their most iconic shoes to achieve the success a brand like Adidas could expect, the Superstar, which featured official NBA branding, team colors and logos. The adidas Originals NBA Superstars are the first ever sneaker range to feature all 30 teams in the NBA alongside the official NBA logo.

The NBA Shoes are divided into several distinct materials: Suede/Patent, Reflective, Reptile, Team Logo, Clear Stripes and Emboss, each with a suggested retail price of $100. This shoes are extremely hard to find not every shoe store has all the 30 shoes and sometimes you will be lucky if you find even one of them. Some retailers has amazing prices on these shoes like they offer the shoes at $69.99.


New York Knicks, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, Seattle Supesonics and New Jersey Nets


New Orleans Hornets, Chicago Bulls, Toronto Raptors, Washington Wizards and Orlando Magics


San Antonio Spurs, Golden State Warriors, Philadelfia 76ers, Cleveland Cavaliers and Indiana Pacers

Team Logo:

Detroit Pistons, Utah Jazz, Phoenix Suns, Denver Nuggets and Los Angeles Clippers

Clear Stripes Mascots:

Memphis Grizzlies, Charlotte Bobcats, Milwaukee Bucks, Minnesota Timberwolves and Atlanta Hawks


Boston Celtics, Dallas Mavericks, Portland TrailBlazers, Houston Rockets and Sacramento Kings.

Featuring the Championship Shoes:

Th Boston Celtics win their 17th Championship in 2008 after defeting LA Lakers by 131 – 95.

The Boston Celtics NBA Adidas Shoes are made of soft full grain leather upper in a low cut classic style, with textured rubber toe bumper, stitching and perforation accents Full lace up front with logo lace keeper charm, padded tongue and collar. Soft fabric lining and cushioned insole. Learn about parts of a shoe.

Check this Shoes here

Celtic shoes

Celtic ShoesNBA Celtic Shoes

Celtic Adidas ShoesSupestar Celtic Shoes

Adidas Celtic ShoesAdidas Celtic Shoes

Kobe Bryant Shoes

June 9, 2008

Kobe Bryant shoes

Watching the NBA finals yesterday gives me the idea of making this “Behind the scenes” Kobe Bryant shoes post. Basketball shoes has been a selling icon since the first Michael Jordan Shoes. The “Air Jordan 1”. After the MJ signature shoes, basketball shoes has become an excellent way for companies such as: Nike, Adidas, Converse to boost their sales. Lets check the Kobe Bryant Shoe History.

Kobe Shoes

Kobe Shoes



The smooth, sleek style of the men’s Kobe two basketball shoes from Adidas® is expressed through an innovative midsole, molded pearlized skin with a brushed-metal look
and a hood-covered lacing system. The full-rubber outsole features a herringbone pattern for maximum traction on the court.
An integrated 3D Torsion® system helps deliver midfoot stability and support,
while an internal bootie is built-in for optimum comfort and support.

* Despite these Adidas Kobe Bryant shoes are not manufactured anymore, you can still buy them at

Nike 2K5 & 2K4


Perhaps the Huarache is one of the best basketball shoes Nike has ever made. It has tremendous durability in long hours of play and comfort is consistent.
Players do not have to worry about the weight for the Huarache provides maximum stability even if it is very light to wear.
Finally, centers, forwards and guards will highly appreciate this kind of shoe. Aside from its performance, the Huarache also has distinctive styles and color ways to match the owners.

Nike Zoom Kobe I


The ZK1’s most striking feature is the carbon fiber spring plate on the outside of the midsole, which extends from the midfoot around the heel
all the way to the midfoot on the medial side, this feature contributes to the unmatched stability the total package provides.

Another innovative feature of the ZK1 is its ankle collar design; the ZK1’s Dynamic Ankle Collar extends to the back of the heel and joins with the shoe’s sphere inner booty.
Inside the shoe, the where the ankle sits is a round piece of leather on both sides of the bone, which provides great comfort but sacrifices great fit.

* These shoes are available in and other online stores.

Nike Zoom Kobe II


Relentless innovation for a signature shoe, The Nike Zoom Kobe II provides the ultimate performance experience.
It’s not just another basketball shoe, it’s a line called “Weapons of War” and conformed by 3 basketball shoes: the Zoom Kobe Sheath, Strength, and Lite.
Kobe worked with the design team at Nike to ensure that his Zoom Kobe II, a product that demanded 18 months of design process, would cover his expectations:
a creative signature shoe to could also provide speed, strength, increased flexibility, traction, and support.

Nike Zoom Kobe III


On February 2008 Kobe’s third shoes hit the streets. The pictures available show 3 color sets for the 2007-2008 NBA Season: black, grey and maize; grey, white and sky blue; and the All-Star edition with red and gold.
The new edition of Kobe Bryant signature shoes, the Nike Zoom Kobe III (3) feature:
• Stability: Carbon fiber plate provides the ultimate balance between stability and support, energy response and flexibility.
• Cushioning: Full-length Zoom Air unit in the midsole delivers protection, extreme responsiveness and quick motion on the court.
• Support: Injected cafte urethane on the upper forms the net shape for added support and adjustment on the foot.

Last and but definitely not least
Kobe Bryan Hyperdunks

Nike launched the Hyperdunk shoes, its “lightest and strongest basketball shoe ever”. Kobe and other olympic players like Manu Ginobili, Yi Jian Lian and Dirk Nowitzki will wear them in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

The shoes, to be released in July will feature colorways and characters to represent each player.
Although there have been several presentations, and events to introduce the Hyperdunks, there’s no doubt that the most “eye-catching” was the internet release of a video,
featuring Kobe jumping over an Aston Martin, wearing of course the Hyperdunks.


Check this site for more info on Kobe´s Shoes: