Wedding shoes – Tips and Advices

Wedding Shoes

So many shoes… but just one wedding

The big day has finally arrived, but what style of shoes will you be wearing for your walk down the aisle?

Some brides choose strappy sandals or dyeable pumps, while others opt for less traditional footwear like wedding flip flops or even sneakers. Finding the perfect pair of wedding shoes doesn’t have to be stressful, but there are a few things to keep in mind before you buy:

1)._ Choose comfortable bridal shoes:

Sure, those four-inch white heels may be a perfect match for your dress style, and look fantastic on your feet in the store, but standing in them for hours on your wedding day is another story. You want to be focused on having fun with your new spouse, friends and family, not on keeping your balance as you teeter down the aisle or sit with aching feet. There are plenty of cute bridal shoes that take comfort into consideration as well as style: choose a white satin ballet flat, or a low sling back sandal.
Or another thing you can do is wearing those stunning four-inch high heels only for the ceremony, and then changing into a ballet flat.

2)._ Take wedding shoe fabrics into consideration:

There are numerous types of shoe fabrics out there, such as satin, silk, velvet and lace. Not only are wedding shoes a reflection of your personal taste, but they must also be compatible with your wedding venue. Silk wedding shoes can easily stain in grass or on wet ground, and leather pumps are unique but will be far too hot for a summer wedding.

3)._ Remember your dress:

Don’t fall in love with a particular pair of wedding shoes before you buy your bridal gown. Your dress fabric and any embellishments such as beads or pearls need to be considered while shopping for shoes. There are hundreds of styles of wedding shoes available to fit any type of season, bridal gown, and most importantly, the bride’s unique personality. By keeping all of these factors in mind while shopping, you’ll find the right pair of wedding shoes for your special day.

Wedding Shoes

Designer: Christian Louboutin
Price: $895

Designer: Claudio Merazzi
Price: $880

Designer: Giuseppe Zanotti
Price: $850

Designer: Giuseppe Zanotti
Price: $650
( I love these!!)

*Remember: You choose the kind of style you want, after all what is a wedding shoe?

More wedding shoes/shoes at:

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3 Responses to “Wedding shoes – Tips and Advices”

  1. Linda Says:


    We have a UK website and sell Alfred Angelo prom gowns in our high street shops but would like to know where to find a list of the best rated prom shoes and prom gowns to add to our collections

  2. Hiro Says:

    Well…..I agree with most of the things you said. Anyway, thanks!

  3. dupinghua Says:

    Most dreams ed hardy capsare beautiful,ed hardy shirts

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