Funny comments on Ugly Shoes


As we mentioned in one of our previous post, we will discuss and see many of the most outrageous and funny looking shoes ever. The whole idea of this post is to have some fun when looking to some really awful shoes, because wearing them its practically impossible. Many shoe brands are doing awful shoes so it´s time to ENJOY

We are not responsible for any damages caused to your eyes for looking at this pictures to your eyes, if you are not healthy we do not recommend looking this pictures. What you are going to see are some of the most awful shoes designs ever.


Contestant number #1

A black sheep in Christian Dior. . .

Ugly ShoesWell it’s impossible to even describe this shoe, its awful combination of that belt detail oppressing the sheep fur explosion; make us think that anyone who’s willing to use this shoe has serious sight problems. As if its fury design wasn’t enough, the price of these sheep-like boots is $1,150!

Contestant #2

Ugly ShoesThis next pair shares a common characteristic with all the other shoes here: It just impossible to understand how could anyone create this shoe or even worse who’s brave enough to wear them, or should I say insane? Take a look at them… to me they look like they were tossed into a shredding machine.

Contestant #3

Ugly ShoesWho said that you couldn’t make shoes out of duck tape?
Another weird looking shredded pair of “shoes”. They’re $180.95, courtesy of Irregular Choice (appropriate name, isn’t it?)

Contestant #4

Ugly ShoesJust when you thought you’ve seen just about everything, take a look at these…
Yeah…these shoes are distant relatives of “Cousin itt” from the Adams family and a Yorkshire terrier. Chewbacca original design maybe?


Contestant #5

Ugly ShoesHere’s a pair that Michelin man would buy for his wife…(no comments)

Contestant #6
Ugly Shoes The Frankenstein of shoes, what you are seeing here is a classic example of a “recession” pair of shoes, made by several pieces of other unsuccessful ones.

Contestant #7

Ugly ShoesOne of my favourites, Cookie Monster shoes !!! From grammar to the retail industry, this funny character of the Muppets has succeeded on the fashion industry providing its exclusive line of shoes. If you don’t fell comfortable or you don´t even like them, the grammar lessons are free !!! Exclusive Offer !!!

Contestant #8

Ugly Shoes Something taken from the Zoolander movie, from Mugatu´s Derelict campaign we introduce special occasion shoes.

Contestant #9

Ugly ShoesTwo tons shoes, this white monsters can terrify everyone in the street. You will surely be the attraction when walking on this ones.

Contestant #10

Ugly Shoes Midget shoes, did you ever feel how would it be to be taller than you are? Well, try this laaaaaarge shoes and grow a few inches more to see a new perspective of life.

For more ugly shoes check some of this excellent Blogs:


Till next post, thanks for coming by 😉


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3 Responses to “Funny comments on Ugly Shoes”

  1. Johana Says:

    Crocs should on this list! as #1 by the way.

  2. shoesobsessions Says:

    Well Johana, we can include the Crocs on the next post. Don´t worry about it we are sure that more awful shoes will come out this season 😉

  3. MaryKaitlyn Says:

    I agree with Johana.
    Crocs are nasty.

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