Disadvantages of Buying Shoes Online

Disadvantages of Buying OnlineEverything has two sides or two different angles depending on who is telling the story. That´s why after writing about the advantages of buying online on our previous post, we decided to move forward and try to make a little research on what are the disadvantages of buying online.

How secure and safe is to Buy Online?


The first issue that comes into my mind when talking about buying online is Security, as Hackers becoming more and more skilled, people tend to ask themselves: Is this online shoe store secure to give all my personal details? How can I be sure that my personal data would not be stolen? (I bet you ask this kind of questions a few times during a purchase.)

A lot of online stores have strived hard to put good security measures in place to assure their consumers that they would be trying to do their best in preventing frauds from happening. However, they still do give out a reminder that not all incidents can be prevented.

How to be more confident about buying online?

There are several companies nowadays that focused on delivering security standards for merchants all over the internet. When buying shoes online look for this “security marks”.

2)._ FRAUDS:

Second but not least important than the first one are online frauds. Credit Card frauds are one of the most common online frauds. Everytime you use your credit card for an online purchase, you run the risk of credit card fraud. However this kind of risks can be reduced when looking for certain “trust marks”. To identify a secure site look for “trust mark” validation. There are organizations offering consumers certain guarantees that member shoe stores are operating responsibly and securely.
Sites that register with trust mark organizations need to follow guidelines regarding their customer service, which shows that a trust mark is not given to a company that doesn’t follow certain regulations.

Compliant Shoe Stores:



There may be some “surprises” which may take place. Hidden cost is one of them, like unexpected delivery charges or a product that isn’t exactly what you had in mind.
That is why you need to read CAREFULLY what you’re buying and the conditions of your purchase. Usually online stores provide a link to their Shipping and cost policies, so before you made up your mind about what you are going to buy, you should look for those kind of policies.


DEF: Phishing is an attempt to criminally and fraudulently acquire sensitive information, such as usernames, passwords and credit card details, by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication.
Phishing is typically carried out by email or instant messaging and often directs users to enter details at a website. (I have ton of proves on my email accounts)


Shopping online is safe if you use your common sense and always check the terms and conditions of offers. Tips when when buying shoes online:

  • Ensure the web site provides a street address, e-mail contact details and telephone number.
  • All payment cards – credit, debit and pre-pay – will protect you in terms of the payment itself, and credit cards also offer you additional protection in the case of a disputed transaction.
  • Only trade with companies that have an encryption certificate and use secure transaction technology.
  • During checkout, look at the toolbar site address a change from http:// to https:// which indicate that the communication between you and the retailer is encrypted and therefore confidential.
  • Always check your credit card statement carefully. You have at least 90 days to report any transaction you are not happy with.
  • Look for the “ICONS” mentioned before on our post in the Homepage of the site you are dealing with.

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